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Nothing like the truth , and everything i have seen here is true and i can only repeat the comments  , proud to be an infidel global

Fantastic information , keep the good work going us infidels , please post my comment , more from me later .

AS A GLOBAL INFIDEL  I agree with the military disposing of Islamic criminals , keeping them in jail costs taxpayers a lot of money , much more than the cost of a bullet ,  lets keep our families freedom .

From another infidel ,  some people would consider the Military disposing of Islamic criminals as inhumane , but these criminals are sub-human so this belief is not valid

Anonymous  Infidel :  So what do islamic criminals do when released from jail  ? ,  and yes these criminals are brainwashed subhumans

from AN INFIDEL  to  INFIDELS GLOBAL . congratulations infidels on your key words describing our enemy =  subhuman,vermin,brainwashed,idiots,dont own their own brain, criminals,sleepers,Islamic terrorist intimidation program , ? did i miss some  ? ,

Lets include evil , mentally unstable , no self control,own female domination,cowardly,misguided, = remind ME if I have missed any.


AN INFIDELS GLOBAL , True or not = a person with the name of JIHAD must be an islamic terrorist ,  including the parents . 

Infidels Global  Forever ,  all islamic criminals are islamic terrorists and all islamic terrorists  are criminals and all must be permanently removed.

My Facebook great for communications , will keep you up to date .
S-Society of

Dedicated infidel global says read the information on these sites if you need positive motivation

INFIDEL TAXPAYERS DEMAND  all islamic criminals assets must be recovered and used for general public benefit

From a  NICE  SQUAD  volunteer ;  money saved by emptying our jails of terrorists could be used to finance their extermination .

The website I have been waiting for , thanks , INFIDELS GLOBAL success is on its way.

From a  NICE guy with a good trigger finger .

Just another trigger happy infidel reporting for duty

These terrorists are so brainwashed they dont even know why they do what they do but they stll have to go

Passionate Infidel Me : these assholes are the only religion in the world who want to kill others who do not believe in their own particular religion

They will not convert me to islam even over their dead bodies.

about time we had a site like this to get us infidels thinking & together , I agree  100% with what is said here

ANONYMOUS INFIDEL  is looking forward to seeing many comments here , will keep watching this space , proud to be an infidel and can think for myself

it is not a case of do we like them , the brainwashed idiots cant be trusted to behave like civilised humans because they dont own their own brain.

 Is  shooting Islamic criminals as good as a gym workout , looking forward to finding out,

TO WEBMASTERS  and ADMINS ,  congratulations and thanks for the 2 websites and the blog  ,  you contribution to infidels global are worthy of some sort of  merit / certificate award.

These filthy animal criminal Islamic PIGS eat from a communal trough using fingers , not enough intelligence to use a knife fork spoon .

From    MISS INFIDEL GLOBAL ,  thank you all for your motivationally inspiring comments and suggestions

for the permanent removal of  Islamic Criminals from our societies ,  also my taxes are better used other

than keeping these animals alive in jails .

Islamic criminals are better  INCINERATED than  INCARCERATED ,  my contribution to my favorite website.

I am positively impressed with the sense of realism and practicality of both this web and the comments 
here ,  signed a confirmed INFIDEL GLOBAL , MORE FROM ME LATER.

Our gutless judges are allowing islamic criminals to do as they like when they like, this is not the message

they should be getting, only the miltary can do us justice by annihilation of these criminals .

Islamics who drug traffic / tax avoid are not wanted in any country

islamics who are criminals are like  'kippers " ,  TWO FACED WITH NO GUTS.

Our PRACTICAL PRESIDENT  MR.  D. TRUMP is buiding walls between us and unwanted illegal immigrants and Islamics criminals , don`t  fail us Mr. President sir , you have the support of all REAL AMERICANS who are concerned about the future living conditions of their families .